Wholesale Pricing

Liberty Ducks

Wholesale pricing as of March 13, 2024

(last increase 6/2023)

Whole Duck $5.35/lb,   5-6 lb dressed weight (your choice of size)
Breast Fillet $18.25/lb,  10-13 oz per size (your choice, pkd 4 sides per bag, 2 ducks worth)
Whole Legs   $10.00/lb,   7-9 oz leg thigh combination (12 per bag)
Liver   $5.50/lb,   2lb or 5lb bag
Skin/fat trim $3.60/lb, 5 lb bags raw, not rendered
Gizzard   $4.15/lb,  5lb bags
Heart $5.25/lb, 5 lb bags
Bones/Feet  $0.55/lb  
Wings    $1.60/lb
Neck Bones    $1.45/lb 
Skinless Breast Meat $10.50/lb

Made by Caggiano Sausage Company using all Liberty Duck Product
Smoked duck breast, $18.25/lb
Sausage - $10.50/lb
Smoked Sausage - $10.50/lb
Smoked Andouille Sausage - $10.50/lb
Ground duck/fat 70/30 - $10.50/lb

As available

Frozen Duck Breast $11.00/lb
Frozen Duck Legs $8.50/lb
Frozen Skinless Duck Meat: $8.00/lb
Frozen Duck Legs "B's" broken or bruised - $6.50/lb