Whole Duck

How to keep your whole Liberty Duck fresh

​You may have gotten a whole duck for the holiday and wondering how to keep it fresh for cooking in your fridge. We suggest dry aging! Rinse and pat dry the duck when you receive it. To air dry, you want adequate airflow, so we would suggest using a cookie drying rack over a cookie sheet - the rack keeps air circulating on all sides and the sheet collects any accidental drips. 

The air dry will pull out some moisture from the skin, so be mindful while cooking but it will also help it get delightfully crispy! You can also air dry the duck breast
If you would like to freeze your whole duck, we suggest taking it out of the bag you receive it in. If you have a vacuum sealer, that works great! If not, we suggest wrapping the duck as tight as you can with plastic wrap or a bag with all the air out to protect against freezer burn. To cook, bring from the freezer to the fridge two days before you would like to cook to slowly thaw. The day you cook, bring the duck to room temperature before putting in the oven (this is the rule for most meats too!)

Whole Duck Cooking

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