Jordan Winery Collaboration
Jordan Winery Collaboration
Liberty Ducks

Jordan Winery Collaboration

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Liberty Duck Confit and Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon

Looking for a decadent wine pairing with your duck confit? Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon and Liberty Duck will blow your taste buds away. We recommend pairing with an aged bottle of cabernet sauvignon from the French-inspired winery in Healdsburg. Purchase your Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon on their website:

This "confit kit" includes six duck legs, and unrendered duck fat for a DIY experience. Instructions to render the fat can be found on our website, and follow the Jordan Kitchen Recipe for CONFIT LEGS . Double the fun by getting the double kit!

Enjoy 20% off when you order the Duck Confit Pack from Sonoma County’s Liberty Duck using code JORDAN. Limit one per person.